Frequently Asked Questions

How To Buy

  1. Fill our contact form (include item number)
  2. We'll email back with purchasing instructions
NOTE: We do not offer refunds/exchanges

In-Person Appointment

  • LOCATION: border of Brampton/Mississauga (Financial & Steeles
  • BOOK: fill contact form
    • Bridal Viewings: max. 1 hour
    • Non-Bridal Viewings: max. 45 minutes
    • Pick-Ups at Door: max. 10 minutes


We DO not customize. All available stock is on our site. Click here to shop!


We DO NOT offer rentals. Click here to shop!

Worldwide Shipping

We offer worldwide shipping! To get an estimate on shipping costs, please fill our contact form and include your address.


  • No refunds/exchanges

  • Rav B Jewellery is not responsible for any medical emergencies/allergic reactions/any other injuries that may occur from wearing jewellery; client agrees to free Rav B Jewellery of any liabilities

  • Once the item(s) has been shipped out, Rav B Jewellery is free of any liability for the item(s); the customer assumes all responsibility.

  • Rav B Jewellery uses Canada Post to ship.

  • All shipping estimates (delivery due date) are rough estimates provided to Rav B Jewellery by Canada Post.

  • Client is informed of any damages on the piece(s) prior to purchase/shipping (if there are any). Rav B Jewellery is not responsible for damages incurred during the shipping process.

  • Rav B Jewellery is not responsible for any duties/taxes by customs. 

  • Rav B Jewellery is not responsible for delayed delivery.

  • Packages are subject to being opened by customs/shipping company

  • The above mentioned is mentioned (1) on the FAQ page on (2) on the receipt (3) a link to the FAQ is included in the email signature (4) A link to the FAQ is also included on the contact form page.